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How long will it take to make my first jump?

Many variables, including weather, affect when you will make your jump. You should plan on at least 3 to 4 hours for a tandem jump. In some cases you may have to spend the entire day at the dropzone or be issued a rain check to return another day when conditions are more favorable.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the season, and lace up shoes, not boots or sandals. Looser pants may be more comfortable than tight blue jeans. Keep in mind you will need to fit a jumpsuit over your clothing so don't wear anything too baggy. We provide you with a jumpsuit and goggles.

What happens if the parachute doesn't open?

In the very unlikely event that the main parachute doesn’t open properly, there is a reserve parachute in the top of the container. The reserve parachute is inspected and repacked by a licensed FAA parachute rigger every 180 days. All of our reserve parachutes are equipped with an “Automatic Activation Device.” Frontier Skydivers use the CYPRES which is the most modern and reliable AAD available.

How long does the sky dive last?

The freefall will last approximately 40 to 50 seconds and the parachute flight will be from 5 to 7 minutes.

Do you jump in all weather?

Weather does cause some unexpected delays. Low clouds, rain or strong gusty winds will keep the plane on the ground. You can still do your training so you can be ready to jump if you have to come back another day.

How fast do you fall?

The freefall speed is typically 120 – 130 mph. Tandems use a drogue chute to keep them from falling much faster than this. Your descent rate falls to about 10 mph once you are under an open parachute.

How am I secured to the Instructor on Tandem Jumps?

Both you and your instructor wear harnesses. Your harness is connected securely to the instructor’s at four points, two at the shoulders and two at the hips. In freefall the instructor is above you. Under canopy, he is behind you.

Do you really go up when it opens?

No, that’s an illusion created when the cameraman keeps falling while videoing a parachute opening.

How will it feel when the parachute opens?

You will definitely know that something is happening, but few people have complained of any discomfort.

How many jumps before I can skydive by myself or with my friends?

After making two tandem skydives, you can start what is called the “Accelerated Free Fall” program. You must complete the 7 level AFF program before you can jump solo. You continue honing your skills until you have 25 jumps, at which time you can apply for a USPA "A" license, after passing a written test and demonstration of skydiving proficiency. The "A" license will allow you to skydive at most USPA member drop zones by yourself or with your friends.

Do you have group rates?

Yes we do.

Can I take my own camera with me?

No. Under no circumstance can a student bring a camera on a skydive. The Basic Safety Regulations (BSRs) mandated by the United States Parachute Association prohibits people with less than 200 jumps to wear any camera gear on their person or equipment. Cameras create a snag hazard during parachute opening and are a danger to untrained users and the instructors in that regard. The staff are well-trained in the use of video equipment while jumping, and the chances of a student being able to get footage of their own jump is slim to none. So whether you just purchased a GoPro for the jump, have mounts galore, took a video class in college, have a friend who is a photographer, you will not be allowed to take it on your skydive. No matter how much you beg. But get your license and get 200 jumps and you can film all the skydives you wish!

What kind of parachute will we use?

Our tandem canopies are modern, extra large, square (actually rectangular) parachutes built for two people. They are designed for maneuverability and soft landings. There are dual steering controls so you can fly the parachute with your instructor!

How long is the training?

The training usually takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Is there an age or weight limit ?

Attention: Yes, You must be at least 18 years of age and under 220 pounds.

Do I need reservations?

You should make reservations to ensure you get a spot on the plane. Walk ins are always welcome and can be accommodated if space is available, please call before coming out. For groups who want to receive the group discount, it is required. To reserve your jump please see our events calendar.

Is alcohol allowed?

Absolutely no open containers of alcohol are permitted on the premises during operating hours. This includes everyone: students, observers, and staff. After jumping operations have concluded(usually sunset), and if you are of age, you are welcome to enjoy an adult beverage if you choose to do so.

If I have a GoPro camera or a similar small camera, am I permitted to bring this with me on my jump??

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) mandates that all skydivers must have a minimum of 200 jumps in order to skydive with a camera. Anyone with less than 200 jumps is not permitted to take a GoPro or any other camera with them on a jump without meeting this criteria.