Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) 7 level progression for learning how to skydive. After completing two Tandem skydives, you are eligible to sign up for the AFF program. You will enter the 7 level AFF progression at Frontier Skydivers after having completed your two Tandem skydives and approximately eight hours of ground school training. We will start you out on AFF level 2 and progress you through AFF level 7. Each level has specific learning objectives that you must meet to progress to the next level. Level 2 and 3 require two instructors and levels 4 through 7 require only one instructor. The cost of your training and all associated materials are included in the cost of our AFF level 2 price. After completion of AFF level 7, you will enter into our Coach program where USPA certified coaches will continue your training until you have achieved all USPA A license requirements. As a USPA member dropzone, any training you receive at Frontier Skydivers should be recognized at other USPA member dropzones across the country. Thank you for your interest in Frontier Skydivers.

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